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(anonymised), 12-06-2007 11:55


12-06-2007 11:55



testimony record

Q: When was the last time you spoke to your neighbors?

A: Two days ago. I phoned them, (anonymised) picked up the phone, but told me (anonymised) was not there. Even though...

Q: "Even though"?

A: I could swore I saw her not longer than 10 minutes earlier next to their house.

Q: You think he lied to you?

A: Well, I... We’ve never been on good terms. I liked his wife, but he always seemed very crude to me.

Q: How do you mean?

A: I don’t know. He just... He made me feel uncomfortable when I visited them. He kept quiet, he just stared at me from distance, you know. Just a bit eccentric.

Q: Do you have any idea who might wanted them dead?

A: Her? No. Him? I don’t know. I always thought they should not be together. (anonymised) was very warm and kind person, but he seemed to have darker side.

Q: What do you mean "darker side"?

A: I don’t know how to explain it. He was just standoffish and had very cold eyes.

Q: Did they have any friends around here?

A: Not that I know of. I think I was the only one. I mean... (anonymised) few times had quarrels with neighbors about little things, like leaves falling on his yard or cat wandering too close to his house. Ask (anonymised), they had argument that was going on for months.

Q: Have you seen anyone visiting the couple recently?

A: No, they were a bit recluse. Can’t remember anyone visiting them in recent months. Because of him, I guess.

Q: What do you mean, "because of him"?

A: I don’t know, he was a bit creepy when I was around. Even when they went shopping he was always closely looking at her and people were not that keen to approach her.

Q: Do you think they were a happy couple?

A: I don’t think so. I mean they were complete opposite.

Q: Do you know how and when them met?

A: About 10 years ago. After her husband died she was on her own taking care of her son for few years before she met (anonymised). She told me she was lonely, so when he showed up in her life she was just happy she has someone she can rely on.

Q: And do you know how her first husband died?

A: Heart attack. He collapsed while driving home from work and drove straight into a concrete barrier.

Q: When was that?

A: I’m not sure. About 1990 I think.

Q: Do you know when they moved into this house?

A: Around 2000.

Q: And where is her son?

A: I don’t know. She was quite evasive about that, so did not pressure her for answers.

Q: Do you know if she had any relatives?

A: Sister. (anonymised). But they were not that close I think. I mean I never even saw her visiting them.

Q: Where were you last night?

A: At home. I’m retired, I spend most of my time at home.

Q: Have you noticed anything unusual lately?

A: No, I don’t think so.

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testimony record

Q: How long do you live here?

A: Since 1986.

Q: You live alone?

A: Yes, my wife died of cancer in 2002.

Q: What can you tell me about your neighbors?

A: (anonymised)? I know it’s not the right thing to say, but I’m glad he is gone. He was a pain the ass, if you excuse my French. Since he moved in there was nothing but trouble with him. Either he was complaining.

Q: Complaining about what?

A: About my cat wandering into his property, about my car being parked on the street, about smoke from my grill... You name it he complained about it. He once even said he will break my cat’s neck if he will find him around his house again.

Q: How about (anonymised)?

A: I rarely spoke to her. She seemed ok. I just could not understand how could she be married to him.

Q: What do you mean?

A: She was very quiet and he seemed very protective of her. Or rather over-protective.

Q: Were you ever worried he could harm her?

A: I don’t know. I just tried to stay away from them, which is not easy since there are only 3 houses around.

Q: What about your other neighbor, (anonymised)?

A: I know her for years, she is retired teacher. She is okay. I mean we are not friends or anything, but I have no problem with her.

Q: Do you know about anyone, who would want to harm (anonymised) or (anonymised)?

A: (anonymised) told you about my argument with (anonymised), right? It was nothing really. He came banging on my door and shouting that he knows I broke window in his house.

Q: And have you?

A: No, of course not. I’m not gonna piss off some wacko by breaking a window in his house. He told me he was in Marines and knows people, who could "take care of me" don’t stay away from his house. Would you get even with someone that crazy by breaking his window?

Q: When was that?

A: Three months ago.

Q: So why was he convinced you did this?

A: Because it was soon after he told me he will kill my cat.

Q: Did you called the police?

A: To give him another reason to freak out? No, thanks. I blocked the cat flap and stayed away from him. I was planning to move out anyway, but now that he is dead I might stay here.

Q: And did he called the police to report the broken window?

A: I don’t think so. At least I never heard about it again from him or authorities.

Q: Where were you last night?

A: At home.

Q: Whole time?

A: Yes, I let the cat out about 6PM and about 15 minutes later I locked down the door and watched TV.

Q: Have you ever been in their house?

A: Not since they moved in. I knew the elderly couple that lived there before.

Q: Have you noticed anything unusual lately?

A: Maybe, but... It might be nothing, but yesterday or two days ago I saw a black pickup driving down the road, he turned around and then drove again. Maybe someone was lost, but... I don’t know, we are in rather secluded place, do not many cars drive around here and it wasn’t anyone, who lives nearby.

Q: What time was it?

A: Early, perhaps 7AM.

Q: Do you remember any details of that car?

A: No. I just saw it drive by twice in short time and thought it was unusual. It might have been old Ford, like F-150. Black, a bit rusty round the edges.

Q: Do you know anything about (anonymised)’s son?

A: I didn’t even know they had son.

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12-06-2007 18:05



testimony record

Q: I’m sorry to inform you, but your sister is dead.

A: She’s... dead?

Q: Yes, we think it was a homicide.

A: So he finally killed her...

Q: Who do you mean?

A: Her husband, (anonymised).

Q: Why do you think he killed her?

A: He’s evil. I knew he would do it! I warned her!

Q: What do you mean "evil"?

A: My sister changed completely after she met him. Step by step he cut her off from rest of the family. I don’t remember how many times I called her, he always picked up the phone and told me she is out shopping, or she works in the garden, even though I know she is not. Last time we met, four years ago, they came for Thanksgiving dinner and they stayed less than an hour. She was very quiet, she seemed... I don’t know... Like in a trans I guess. The suddenly he decided they have to leave early, she just got up and left. I don’t know what he did, but she was completely under his control. I barely spoke to her since then.

Q: What do you know about him?

A: Not much, he was in Marines I think, but not much more. My sister did not talked about him much, when he suddenly appeared in her life she was just head over heels in love.

Q: Actually, (anonymised) was also found dead this morning.

A: What? How? He killed himself?

Q: No, we think they both were attacked in their house.

A: Oh, my god... Why didn’t you tell me that?

Q: We are trying to figure out what happened, so anything you can tell us about him or what was going on in their house would help...

A: As I told you before, I barely spoke to my sister in last 3 years because of him. I know very little about his past...

Q: Do you know when your sister first met (anonymised)?

A: In... 1998 I think. She lived in Boston for a while and that’s where she met him.

Q: What about your sister’s son? We don’t even know his name.

A: (anonymised). He’s from her previous marriage. He... Well, he got involved with the wrong crowd and ended up in rehab few years back.

Q: Do you know where was that rehab?

A: Somewhere in Boston.

Q: Do you know where he is right now?

A: No. There was some incident between him and (anonymised) few years back and he just took off.

Q: What do you mean "incident"?

A: I don’t really know. I lost contact with my sister soon after, so had no chance to learn the details.

Q: Do you have any idea who might wanted to harm your sister or her husband?

A: My sister? No. Him? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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15-06-2007 19:00



testimony record

Q: Where do you know (anonymised) from?

A: Why you ask?

Q: We are conducting investigation that involves him.

A: We were serving together.

Q: You were in the army?

A: No, Marines.

Q: When was it?

A: Between 1961 and 1968.

Q: You were in Vietnam?

A: Yes, we both served in Vietnam.

Q: And you stayed in touch after that?

A: For a while.

Q: But not recently?

A: No, we did not spoke for years.

Q: Why?

A: He lived in Georgia, I lived in Colorado, then he moved to Maine, I moved to Michigan - we just were far away from each other. Besides I was often moving between jobs, so...

Q: What you do for a living?

A: I’m a carpenter. I go where the job is.

Q: And you didn’t have contact with him in years.

A: No. I mean, yes, I called him recently.

Q: Why?

A: I just... I thought it would be good idea to contact him. I was suppose to have a job for few months in Maine, so I thought I could meet him.

Q: And did you meet?

A: No. He said that something came up and he is busy right now.

Q: And that was it?

A: Yes. I said I will call him when I will get to Maine.

Q: You also sent him an e-mail.

A: Yeah.

Q: "Semper fi."

A: Yeah.

Q: Why?

A: It’s... It’s just a reminder that he is not alone.

Q: And why would he need a reminder?

A: Have served in the army?

Q: No.

A: Then you wouldn’t understand.

Q: Where were you on the 11th and 12th June?

A: Why?

Q: It’s a simple enough question.

A: On 11th? I’m not sure.

Q: It was four days ago...

A: Oh, I was traveling from Michigan to... to Vermont.

Q: Why?

A: The Maine job did not worked out, I was trying another one in Vermont.

Q: And did you get the Vermont job?

A: I don’t know yet, they will let me know in few days.

Q: When you last spoke to (anonymised) did he seemed worried, distressed?

A: No.

Q: Can you think of anyone that would want to harm him?

A: No, he was a good guy.

Q: One more question - do you use hammer in your work?

A: Yeah, I’m a carpenter. I couldn’t work without one.

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19-06-2007 11:45



testimony record

Q: You are hard person to find...

A: Depends who is looking for me.

Q: When was the last time you spoke to your mother?

A: Why?

Q: It’s a simple question.

A: Few years back.

Q: Could you be more specific?

A: Not really. As far as I’m concerned I have no mother. Not since she got involved with this guy...

Q: What guy?

A: Why are you asking me all those questions? That asshole she married. He ratted me out to the cops.

Q: (anonymised)? Why?

A: Because he’s an asshole. He was so convinced that I was using drugs while living with them, that he called cops.

Q: And were you using drugs?

A: Why all those questions? What they told you about me?

Q: Your mother is dead.

A: And you think I killed her?

Q: Have you?

A: I don’t even know where she lives... Was living. When I was in the rehab they just moved out of our house and that’s the last thing I know about them.

Q: And you never found out where they lived?

A: I just told you - no! They left Boston and when I left rehab they were just gone.

Q: What did you after that?

A: I was homeless for almost a year.

Q: How long have you lived with your mother and stepfather?

A: About a year and half. He constantly harassed me to move out.

Q: What can you tell me about him?

A: Apart he is an asshole? Not much. Ohm yeah, he is a control freak. He was checking where she goes, what is she doing, who is she talking to. If I was late from a party I had to sleep outside the door until the morning. I don’t know what else to say.

Q: Was he ever violent towards you or your mother?

A: Physically no, but he has some anger problems. He can literally freak out about nothing and five minutes later just act like nothing happened.

Q: Do you think he was hurting your mother?

A: I wouldn’t be surprised. But I can’t say that I witnessed anything of that kind.

Q: (anonymised) is dead.

A: You... you mean they both are dead?! What happened?

Q: We are not sure yet, they were attacked in their house.

A: I had nothing to do with it!

Q: I did not say that you had.

A: Why else would you find me right now?

Q: Do you know anyone that would want to hurt them?

A: You mean apart from me? No. I don’t know anything about their lives anymore.

Q: Where were you in the afternoon on the 11th June?

A: No idea. I guess I was home.

Q: You live alone?

A: Yeah.

Q: Can you think a bit harder on what you did that day?

A: What do you want from me? I don’t remember what I was doing two days ago and you think I will guess where I was over week ago?