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As you can imagine game like The Lone Detective is time consuming for us, as the creators. On surface it may look like a very simple project - post some text on the website, add contact form and voila! But the reality is a bit more complicated.

Even a simple case can take about 2-3 weeks to prepare all of the materials that are needed for users. And those (at least) 2 weeks are counted from the moment the case is actually complete (meaning all of the plots within a case were given a green light).

How long does it take to come up with all of the plots for a case? It depends. The new case we are working on, the Locked Room Mystery, is more complicated than the previous ones, it takes place in 19th century, so research had to be done, the idea had to be adjusted to reality of that period of time, the details had to be reviewed, new features had to be added to website. How long did it take? Over 4 months. And counting.

That's why we decided to give users opportunity to donate for The Lone Detective - it would help us cover the costs of working on the game that is available for free to everyone.

Your donations can be linked to your in-game account and in future you will be given access to premium cases, which will be available for donors only.

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Unsolved cases

Below you will find the list of available unsolved cases - click on the unsolved mystery icon to see the details of that particular case.

unsolved $epoka mystery - $tytul
unsolved 1990 mystery - Long day at the office
unsolved 2007 mystery - Lightning never strikes twice
unsolved 1975 mystery - A Very Cold Case
unsolved 1968 mystery - Strings Attached
unsolved 2014 mystery - A Single Shot
unsolved 2022 mystery - Losing the ground
unsolved 2016 mystery - The Lens of the Beholder

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