The Bridge 2011 detective show

The Bridge 2011 detective story

The Bridge (2011, Denmark)

Original title: Broen / Bron

Body of a woman is found in the middle of the ├śresund Bridge linking Copenhagen on Danish side and Malmoe on Swedish. Since the deceased was placed exactly on the border between the two countries police officers from both sides are delegated to investigate the murder. The victim was a member of city council in Malmoe, but when the police is about to move the body it turns out that only the top half of the body belongs to the victim. Rest of the body have signs that it was in deep freeze for at least a year, which is not only baffling, but also signal that the killer is planned this crime in advance. The other victim was a Danish woman, which means both police force have to be involved. Martin Rohde is an easy-going experienced police officer of Copenhagen Police, his counterpart is socially awkward Saga Noren. While they have different approach to their work, they both are fully concentrated on solving the case. The murderer soon contacts a journalist, Daniel Ferbe, and begins his cat and mouse game.

Nordic noir TV series about couple of detectives, who are put in charge of the investigation in an unusual murder case. The investigation will not only put their skills to a challenge, but also will dig deep into their own lives. Original characters and a complex story put this crime TV series in the spotlight and lead to several local remakes (from United Kingdom-France, Unites States-Mexico, to even Singapore and Malaysia borders). The story is a bit over the top and the police has to face with omnipotent adversary, but with good cast it is an excellent example of Nordic noir.

Can you solve a mystery like this one?

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The Bridge

Creators of The Bridge

Hans Rosenfeldt detective films


Cast of The Bridge

Sofia Helin films

as Saga Noren

Kim Bodnia films

as Martin Rohde

Dag Malmberg films

as Dag Malmberg

Lars Simonsen films

as Jens Hansen

Puk Scharbau films

as Mette Rohde

Christian Hillborg films

as Daniel Ferbe

Magnus Krepper films

as Stefan Lindberg

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