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Fallet 2017 detective story

Fallet (2017, Sweden)

Original title: The Case

DCI Tom Brown, after another mishap during investigation, is given his last chance to keep his job - he is sent to Sweden, where British citizen was killed near the town of Norrbacka. Sophie Borg, detective from Stockholm Police, makes a small mistake and kills the prime suspect in most publicized case in the history of the country - killing of Olof Palme. Her boss is tired of dealing with her small mistakes and her lack of interpersonal skills and assigns her to the Norrbacka case as the last chance before she loses her badge. Sophie is keen to prove her skills as detective, but not so keen to visit Norrbacka, the place where she grew up. Nevertheless she takes the case and meets Tom Brown, who will be her partner for this investigation. On arrival to Norrbacka they meet their new boss, Klas Wall, head of the police department in the town, who turns out to be as inept in his job as Tom and Sophie are in theirs.

Brilliant parody of Nordic noir detective genre produced by the Swedish TV offers all the cliche elements of the such productions, like dark atmosphere, revealing secrets from the past, the hidden powers working within small town, detectives struggling with their past, but at the same time the comic elements keep the series fresh and entertaining. It is very well made parody without ostentatiously laughing at the genre, the humour is usually rather subtle, which makes the characters, although typically in parody lacking skills, still believable and likeable. It is a good comedy, decent detective story and real fun to watch.

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Creators of Fallet

Jon Holmberg detective films


Erik Hultkvist detective films


Stefan Thunberg detective films


Tapio Leopold detective films


Robin Muhr detective films


Cast of Fallet

Lisa Henni films

as Sophie Borg

Adam Godley films

as DCI Tom Brown

Tomas von Bromssen films

as Klas Wall

Christoffer Nordenrot films

as Bill Wall

Lia Boysen films

as Kristina von Borg

Stina Rautelin films

as Sonja Mustanaamio

Bjorn Granath films

as Arne Arneson

Bjorn Kjellman films

as Benny Arneson

Dag Malmberg films

as Melcher von Borg

Magnus Krepper films

as Åke Klint

Fallet quotes

Sophie Borg:
[after Klas offered her permanent job in local police] I can’t stay here and solve bike thefts...
Klas Wall:
Of course you can! Don’t be so hard on yourself.

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