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Come In 07 1976 detective story

Come In 07 (1976, Poland)

Original title: 07 zglos sie

Lieutenant Slawomir Borewicz does not look like a typical Militia man (communist Poland police force) - he wears civilian clothes, he is smart, he is witty and he can actually look cool. But those characteristics do not put him in good books with other officers. Luckily for him his superior, Major Wolczyk, has a sense of humour and realizes that despite his loose-cannon attitude, Borewicz is actually very effective in his job, especially compared to antiquated officers like Lieutenant Zubek. Zubek does everything slowly, meticulously, taking public opinion and the communist party opinion under consideration.

On surface it might look like a cliche couple of detectives in a cop show: one does everything by the book, while the other is a loose cannon, but the chemistry between Borewicz and Zubek was a bit more complicated, since the plots were taking place in Poland in the communist times. Zubek was representing the older generation, he lacked the flair of Borewicz, but he understood better how the communist world works and how to deal with politics.

Apart from that the series were surprisingly good - while the usual 1970s Polish shows were rather old-fashioned and corny, Come In 07 looked like the Western shows of the era: dynamic, witty and at the same time realistic. The wide range of cases that the main characters had to deal with contained aspects of the Polish society that usually were omitted, like gangs, smugglers, crooks. Polish communist party was pretending that they never existed in communist reality, but this show was built around people fighting them. Even 50 years later the show remains entertaining and interesting - that really says something.

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Creators of Come In 07

Cast of Come In 07

Bronislaw Cieslak films

as Lieutenant Borewicz

Zdzislaw Kozien films

as Lieutenant Zubek

Zdzislaw Tobiasz films

as Major Wolczyk

Ewa Kuzyk-Florczak films

as Sergeant Olszanska

Jerzy Rogalski films

as Lieutenant Jaszczuk

Piotr Fronczewski films

as various

Hanna Dunowska films

as Sergeant Sikora

Elzbieta Kijowska films

as prosecutor Oldakowska

Jerzy Dziewulski films

as SWAT officer

Wieslaw Drzewicz films

as various

Trivia about Come In 07

Not an actor

Bronislaw Cieslak, who played Lieutenant Borewicz, was not a professional actor when he was offered the role, he worked as a journalist. As he admitted he made very little preparations to become Borewicz before the shooting has started, the only thing that he did learn how to do beforehand was how to drift in a car.

Come In 07 quotes

There is no person who is completely mentally healthy. Much less a detective.

Cinema tickets?
How much?
A pair for a hundred.
I don’t have any change on me, but we can drop down the police station, maybe I could borrow some.

Kazimierz Sitek:
Comrade Lieutenant has a specific way of conducting interrogations.
Spare us this comrade.
I am a member of the Party!
There were a few other mistakes here, so let’s skip this one too.
You are insulting me! This is an insult!
No, it’s a defamation.

Sergeant Sikora:
(about Jaszczuk in next room) Why is he shouting so loud?
Because he’s talking to the border crossing in Slubice.
Shouldn’t he call?
He thinks that the further he calls, the louder he has to shout.

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