Touching Evil 1997 detective show

Touching Evil 1997 detective story

Touching Evil (1997, United Kingdom)

When DI Dave Creegan one day just shows up in the Organised & Serial Crime Unit headquarters it comes as surprise for DI Susan Taylor, who was in charge of the unit so far. Not only that, DI Creegan just returned to service after being shot in the head and spending months in the rehabilitation. Nevertheless Commander Enwright is convinced Creegan is the right man for the job, after all he was one of the officers that helped creating the unit. From day one they are put in charge of complicated case - three young schoolboys have been snatched in broad daylight and police has no leads. Creegan finds the first clue when he spots a plastic flower that, as he is convinced, was left close to the crime scene by the kidnapper.

British detective show that concentrates on special unit that takes care of the most complicated or unusual cases. Created by Paul Abbott the show was intriguing and showed the grim effect of the investigation not only on the families of the crime victims, but also the impact the crime have on the police officers. While the first episodes where written by Abbott show was a gripping drama that had well built atmosphere. Unfortunately after season 1 other writers were hired to write further episodes and from that point Touching Evil became rather messy and lost a lot of its appeal. Nevertheless it still is unique detective show.

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Creators of Touching Evil

Paul Abbott detective films


Cast of Touching Evil

Robson Green films

as DI Dave Creegan

Nicola Walker films

as DI Susan Taylor

Shaun Dingwall films

as DC Mark Rivers

Michael Feast films

as Commander Stephen Enwright

Mary Cunningham films

as Marion, police psychologist

Adam Kotz films

as DC Jonathan Kreitman

Andrew Scarborough films

as DC Martin Simmons

Saskia Downes films

as Kerry Creegan

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