Under Suspicion 1981 detective movie

Under Suspicion 1981 detective story

Under Suspicion (1981, France)

Original title: Garde à vue

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Jerome Martinaud, a wealthy, influential lawyer is a witness in a child murder case - he was present near the first crime scene and he found the body of the second victim. The police inspector Gallien asks him to come down to the station and answer some more questions. Martinaud is reluctant, it is the New Year’s Eve and he has a party to attend to, but nevertheless he shows up at the police station. At first everything seems just like the previous times he was interrogated - he tells the policemen what he remembers from the day he found the body in a secluded part of the town. But Gallien did not invited him just to review the preview statements, this time the inspector has some new questions, some of which Martinaud is reluctant to answer. Why the lawyer and his beautiful wife sleep in separate bedrooms? What happened between them to create that distance? Why is he avoids some details of his previous statements? What was he doing in that part of the town? With each minute Martinaud seems to be losing the ground and from just a witness he suddenly becomes the prime suspect.

Crime movie based (just like the 2000 American adaptation, starring Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman) on the John Wainwright novel "Brainwash". Since most of the plot takes place in a single room of the police station with just three characters, this version is more tense and claustrophobic. Also the plot is closer to the original text, including more powerful ending.

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Creators of Under Suspicion

Claude Miller detective films


John Wainwright detective films


Claude Miller detective films


Jean Herman detective films


Michel Audiard detective films


Cast of Under Suspicion

Lino Ventura films

as Inspector Gallien

Michel Serrault films

as Jerome Martinaud

Romy Schneider films

as Chantal Martinaud

Guy Marchand films

as Inspector Belmont

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