The Gorgon Case 1977 detective movie

The Gorgon Case 1977 detective story

The Gorgon Case (1977, Poland)

Original title: Sprawa Gorgonowej

In 1931, just before the New Year, in a rural house of architect Henryk Zaremba, screams rip the night apart. The teenage daughter of Zaremba is found killed - someone sneaked into her bedroom and brutally attacked her using a pickaxe-like weapon. The police arrives to the secluded mansion and starts the investigation early in the morning. The young son of the architect saw a shadow of someone sneaking through the house in the middle of the night, but was unable to tell who that figure might have been. The small pickaxe is found in the frozen pool at the back of the house, and the footsteps on the snow suggest that someone from the household could be the culprit. Rita Gorgonova, the governess of the deceased girl and also the lover of Zaremba, becomes the main suspect. But that is where the case hits the rocks...

Film based on real events, known as Gorgon case or Gorgonova case, one of the most high-profile murder cases of pre-World War 2 Poland and one of the still unsolved murder mysteries. Despite being historically accurate, the film is nevertheless involving and entertaining since the case was simple on the surface, but got more and more unclear with each layer that resurfaced during the investigation and later court hearings.

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Creators of The Gorgon Case

Cast of The Gorgon Case

Ewa Dalkowska films

as Rita Gorgonova

Roman Wilhelmi films

as Henryk Zaremba

Aleksander Bardini films

as Maurycy Axer

Mariusz Dmochowski films

as Krynicki

Andrzej Lapicki films

as Kulczycki

Jan Englert films

as Officer Respond

Wojciech Pszoniak films

as Professor

Stefan Friedmann films

as Reporter

Edmund Fetting films

as Inspector Piatkiewicz

Marek Kondrat films

as Czaykowski

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