Mysteria 2011 detective movie

Mysteria 2011 detective story

Mysteria (2011, United States)

Aleister Bane, once a famous Hollywood screenwriter, now is down on his luck - he lives in a small room, in a run-down hotel, he is behind on his rent, he is three months past the deadline to finish his latest script and patience of the producer is running thin. A phone call from a woman called Lavinia, who said she is a student and wants to meet him, pops up in the least convenient moment for him. He has two weeks to finish the script he did not even started to write, he is broke, the hotel manager is threatening to throw him out unless he will pay what he owes, to make things worse the studio refuses to advance him any money, since he practically used his whole fee on the advances so far. During the dinner Aleister pretends that he left home his credit card to hide the fact that he has no money. He pawned his watch, which produced him with enough money to take a cab and that is about it when it comes to finances. When he returns to the hotel, the locks were changed by the manager, so he cannot get in, so now he is practically homeless. He wonders into a bar, where something strange happens.

A straight-to-video neo-noir thriller with all the signs of a very limited budget involved: just few actors, scenes made mostly in empty rooms with very few props, not to mention that the film was written, directed and edited by the same person. On the other hand, however, we have here a cast full of well-known: Billy Zane and Martin Landau took small parts, Danny Glover and Michael Rooker played the investigators, while Robert Miano played the main character. Overall it is what it says on the label - a cheap production with limited value, a shining example that bringing big names cannot cover the fact that screenplay is badly written and clearly every actor was there just for the paycheck.

Can you solve a case like this?

Creators of Mysteria

Lucius Kuert detective films


Lucius Kuert detective films


Cast of Mysteria

Robert Miano films

as Aleister Bane

Meadow Williams films

as Lavinia

Michael Rooker films

as Captain McCarthy

Billy Zane films

as producer

Danny Glover films

as investigator

Martin Landau films

as hotel manager

Carl Weyant films

as Jack

Peter Mark Richman films

as Senator Mitchell

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