When Darkness Falls 1960 detective movie

When Darkness Falls 1960

When Darkness Falls (1960, Sweden)

Original title: När mörkret faller

Christmas Eve in a village Västlinge, somewhere in covered with snow Sweden. The last train arrives to the station with only one passenger getting off the train - a young woman. Nearby, the local shopkeeper Arne Sandell, who earns extra money as a taxi driver, leaves the station angry. He was supposed to pick up a male passenger and bring him to the vicarage, on the busiest night of the year for his shop this is not great news. Meanwhile, vicar Tord Ekstedt is worried that the young woman she was expecting to join him and his daughter for Christmas dinner, is nowhere to be seen. His housekeeper, Hjördis, calls the station and the shop to find out what happened, soon to learn that there was a mix-up and Sandell was informed by his unreliable shop assistant to expect a male passenger at the station.

Soon Elisabeth Rydén, the young woman they were awaiting, arrives to the vicarage on foot. Her parents recently died, and she looked forward to spending the Christmas with her former tutor, vicar Ekstedt, and his family. While people in the village are getting ready for the Christmas and next morning mess, Arne Sandell, alone in the office, sums up the shop income from that day. The late visitor will leave Arne dead in his shop, while the village, shocked by the murder on Christmas Eve, gathers round to help Inspector Wijk in his investigation.

Classic Swedish crime movie with tense atmosphere and more suspects than can be expected. Outsider, Inspector Wijk, enters the world of a small village, where everyone knows everyone, they all gather in the church, they all help each other, but someone found a reason to kill a shopkeeper. The whodunnit at its best - until the last moment, the local community is revealing surprising secrets.

Can you solve a case like this?

Creators of When Darkness Falls

Arne Mattsson detective films


Maria Lang detective films


Cast of When Darkness Falls

Nils Asther films

as Tord Ekstedt

Karl-Arne Holmsten films

as Christer Wijk

Birgitta Pettersson films

as Elisabeth Rydén

Mimi Nelson films

as Hjördis Holm

George Fant films

as Arne Sandell

Hjordis Petterson films

as Tekla Motander

Elsa Prawitz films

as Barbara Sandell

Adolf Jahr films

as Connie Lundgren

Sif Ruud films

as Frideborg Jansson

Bengt Brunskog films

as Mårten Gustavsson

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