The Lady in Black 1958 detective movie

The Lady in Black 1958 detective story

The Lady in Black (1958, Sweden)

Original title: Damen i svart

Former policeman, Captain Hillman, runs a private detective agency together with his wife Kajsa and his assistant Freddy. After finishing another case the couple decide to accept invitation from Kajsa’s friend, Inger von Schilden, and spend vacation in her estate. Inger is married to Christian, heir of wealthy family, who owns local mill. Lately their marriage was on the rocks - they received an offer to sell the mill and Inger was in favour of accepting it, but Christian didn’t want to hear of it. To make things worse a young woman, who worked in the mill recently disappeared, that’s why Inger was anxious to bring the Hillmans, who might find out what happened to the missing woman.

On the first night the Hillmans learn about the local superstition, The Lady in Black, who mysteriously appears when something bad is about to happen. Some of the locals say they saw Lady in Black just before disappearance of the young woman and are convinced that the two events are somehow linked. Soon the Hillmans get to know some of the family members, who all seem to have something to hide and it is up to their detective instincts to find out what. And then, Christian is killed by the Lady in Black...

Classic Swedish mystery and crime film, first of five made with Captain Hillman as the main character. While the pacing is not impressive for modern audience, the atmosphere and good old-fashioned mystery looming over the wealthy family keeps the viewers guessing right until the end.

Can you solve a mystery like this one?

Creators of The Lady in Black

Arne Mattsson detective films


Folke Mellvig detective films


Lars Widding detective films


Cast of The Lady in Black

Karl-Arne Holmsten films

as John Hillman

Annalisa Ericson films

as Kajsa Hillman

Nils Hallberg films

as Freddy Sjöström

Anita Bjork films

as Inger von Schilden

Sven Lindberg films

as Christian von Schilden

Isa Quensel films

as Cecilia von Schilden

Lena Granhagen films

as Sonja Svensson

Sif Ruud films

as Aina Engström

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