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Coroner's report


26-06-1975 18:00



body description

(anonymised), female, 48, height about 170 cm, average built. Bruising around the neck, damaged of the larynx and fracture of the hyoid bone suggest manual strangulation. However, lack of clear finger marks on the neck would indicate some sort of choke-hold was used, which lead to asphyxia and subconjunctival bleeding.

A broken fingernail on the right hand and bruising caused by pressure on both hands suggest that (anonymised) was trying to fight off her attacker. No signs of blood under the fingernails means that she did not manage to injure the killer.

No other trauma on the body, no signs of alcohol or drugs in her system. Estimate time of death could be between 2AM and 4AM. The last meal could not be determined, since there wasn’t enough material in the stomach to examine. This suggests that after the group’s last meal, which was around 7 PM, she didn’t eat anything else.

marks and wounds
unsolved case