Stuck, huh? Good. I like desperate people. Who am I? Just call me Bob. Or Mark. Or Adam. It doesn't matter who am I, let's just say I've got what you need. Well, as long as you got what I need. The trench coats don't grow on trees, you know.

I don't know where to start in this case

Not a problem. I hear a lot of things. I can give you a clue for 1 Premium Token.

I need some good lead in this case

I know some things that might interest you. It will cost you 5 Premium Tokens.

I've checked everything and still don't know how to proceed

I think I know what you overlooked... Does 10 Premium Tokens sound like a fair price?

How can you get Premium Tokens?

Premium Tokens can be obtained by making a donation to The Long Detective. Make sure to put you account name or your e-mail address, so we could assign Tokens to your account. Why do we ask for donations? You can find right here the answer to that question.

How many Premium Tokens will I get for my donation?

We don't put exact price on Premium Tokens, because we want you to decide how much you wanna spend on the information. That's why all we can say is you will get a fair amount of Premium Tokens, proportional to your donation.

What kind of clue will I get for my donation?

The clues are short, 1-2 sentences long, information that should point you in the right direction in this particular case. They won't contain solution, name of the killer or anything like that, they will contain a clue that should help you solve the case. Informant won't solve the case for you, he can only give you the clues.

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