Crime scene report


26-06-1975 15:00



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crime scene report

Polar base on Jan Mayen is located in a southern part of the island, near Boat Bay, the only safe point of the coast for ships to approach. The base consists of 4 parts: the main building, garage, military outpost and scientific outpost.

The main building contains the research rooms, communication room, bedrooms for scientists and soldiers, common room, kitchen, bathroom and storage room.

The garage is attached to the main building, but has a separate entrance. It contains three snowmobiles and a defunct Bombardier B12 snow coach.

The military outpost is a small cabin big enough for up to 4 servicemen inside. It is located about 3 miles south-west from the main building, surrounded by the military equipment, the nature of which was not disclosed to us.

The scientific outpost is a small shed, located 2 miles north-east of the main building, closer to the Beerenberg volcano. There are several pieces of equipment nearby, including weather stations, seismographs and other devices to monitor volcanic and seismic activity.

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