The Body 2012 detective movie

The Body 2012 detective story

The Body (2012, Spain)

Original title: El cuerpo

On a rainy night police receives a call from a night guard in the morgue. He is very vague what is going on, but asks for a patrol car to be sent to the building. Soon he ends up under the wheels of a car while he was running away from the morgue. Police officers arrive to the scene and try to figure out what spooked the guard so much that he ended up in a hospital. The CCTV cameras were disconnected soon before the incident, so they are not sure what happened, but something drawn attention of the guard towards the fridge room. Soon it becomes obvious that one of the bodies stored there, a recently deceased wealthy woman called Mayka Villaverde Freire, is missing. Police contacts Mayka’s husband, Alex, who is shocked by the news remains of his wife are missing, but there is another layer to his reaction. The call did not reached him in his house, he was visiting his lover, Carla, with whom he was conspiring to kill Mayka.

Spanish thriller with some elements of horror and detective story, all of it set in the middle of stormy night in a morgue, where one of the bodies has just vanished. With a perfect The Body gets more complicated with each scene, with each twist and each bit of information the we learn together with the protagonists. While the story is in some parts perhaps too unrealistic, the atmosphere similar to Shutter Island keeps the viewers guessing until the end.

Can you solve a mystery like this one?

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Watch The Body watch free
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Creators of The Body

Oriol Paulo detective films


Lara Sendim detective films


Oriol Paulo detective films


Cast of The Body

Hugo Silva films

as Alex Ulloa

Jose Coronado films

as Jaime Pena

Belen Rueda films

as Mayka Villaverde

Aura Garrido films

as Carla

Juan Pablo Shuk films

as Agente Pablo

Oriol Vila films

as Agente Mateos

Carlota Olcina films

as Erica Ulloa

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