Please Murder Me 1956 detective movie

Please Murder Me 1956 detective story

Please Murder Me (1956, United States)

Defense lawyer Craig Carlson buys a pistol at a pawn shop and deposits it in his office desk drawer with a file folder. He starts to dictate a message for district attorney Ray Willis. Craig expects that he will be murdered within an hour and he even knows who will kill him. The story started months ago when Craig told his friend, Joe Leeds, that he is having an affair with his wife Myra. But it is not just a fling, they are in love, and Craig wants Joe to consider agreeing to a divorce. Joe asks for some time to consider the matter. Days later Joe returns home hoping to have a conversation with his wife, but the evening ended with a single shot. Myra is put on trial for the killing of her husband, but even though the evidence are not strong against her the juries hesitate between murder and accidental manslaughter. Craig Carlson now has to use all of his skills to save the woman he loves.

American film noir with two main characters played by actors, who later became icons of the murder-mystery genre: Angela Lansbury (as Jessica Fletcher in TV series Murder, She Wrote) and Raymond Burr (as Perry Mason and Ironside). Please Murder Me, despite being rather low-budget production has quite interesting plot and atmosphere.

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Creators of Please Murder Me

Peter Godfrey detective films


Donald Hyde detective films


Al Ward detective films


Cast of Please Murder Me

Angela Lansbury films

as Myra Leeds

Raymond Burr films

as Craig Carlson

Dick Foran films

as Joe Leeds

John Dehner films

as District Attorney Ray Willis

Lamont Johnson films

as Carl Holt

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