Zodiac 2007 detective movie

Zodiac 2007 detective story

Zodiac (2007, United States)

In July 1969 attack on a couple in Vallejo, California, leaves a woman dead and a man traumatised for the rest of his life. That night a hooded assailant first stalked them and then attacked them when they have parked their car in secluded lovers’ lane. Month later an encrypted message sent to San Francisco Chronicle office triggers the investigation that will grasp the minds of the San Francisco area residents for several years. The killer, who identified himself as Zodiac, kept sending messages to journalists and the police, to keep their attention. Meanwhile the journalist Paul Avery and cartoonist Robert Graysmith, both from San Francisco Chronicle, start their own investigation, trying to figure out who the Zodiac is. Especially Graysmith seems to be obsessed with the case, spending a lot of his own time in searching trying to uncover identity of the killer. The police detective Dave Toschi is chasing after every possible clue and suddenly finds a suspect that actually seems plausible...

Zodiac is one of the rare examples of meticulous recreation of the story, the atmosphere and the reality of the original investigation, instead of building script "based on" true events. And it really shows - the film is gritty, dark, tense, shows the raising frustration of the police and Graysmith, the futility of their efforts, the problems police have to face while investigating a crime in front of the media. The well casted experienced actors, well written script and intriguing true crime story keeps Zodiac involving from beginning until the end.

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the story takes place in San FranciscoCaliforniaUnited States

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Creators of Zodiac

David Fincher detective films


James Vanderbilt detective films


Robert Graysmith detective films


Cast of Zodiac

Jake Gyllenhaal films

as Robert Graysmith

Mark Ruffalo films

as Inspector David Toschi

Anthony Edwards films

as Inspector William Armstrong

Robert Downey Jr films

as Paul Avery

John Carroll Lynch films

as Arthur Leigh Allen

Brian Cox films

as Melvin Belli

Donal Logue films

as Captain Ken Narlow

Chloe Sevigny films

as Melanie Graysmith

Trivia about Zodiac

Only facts

The concept of director David Fincher, that only the facts should be included in the film, caused some of the Zodiac crimes not to be depicted at all, because there were no witnesses or survivors to corroborate. Of course some creative liberties were taken, f.e. creating friendship between Greysmith and Avery, but overall film sticks to the facts.

The film conclusion

Spoiler alert! Despite film concluding that Arthur Leigh Allen was the Zodiac, DNA tests done in 2002 did not confirmed he was author of the letters sent by the Zodiac.

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