Crime scene report


22-09-1968 09:00



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crime scene report

The (anonymised) is located at the end of the road, which passes the nearby cottage Serenity belonging to (anonymised). Due to the fact it is located close to the Cotswolds, designated 2 years ago as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there is no other road linking (anonymised) with the rest of Tetsells Green town nor nearby Kingswood.

Apart from the main building there is a former barn, turned recently into music studio, small garage adapted from a smaller barn. The last building, a large shed, previously used for sheep housing, was torn down when (anonymised) bought this place. The second change was the swimming pool placed between the cottage and outbuildings, the new owner planned to cover it with an atrium in the near future.

Inside the house we found four empty Glen Moray whisky bottles, two in the living room, two in a dustbin, one in the bedroom and one close to the swimming pool. The rest of the case, with 6 untouched bottles inside, we found in the storage room.

There are no signs of forced entry, all the doors (front, back, garage door, studio door) were open when police arrived, although some of them might have been opened by (anonymised) when she was searching the place.

Apart from a damaged table in the living room, broken photo frame in the bedroom and broken plaster on the kitchen wall, there are no signs of violence. The victim was found inside the car, on the driver seat. Garage door where wide open, like the car that was inside just drove off.

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