Incident report


18-11-1896 10:00



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British explorer (anonymised) was found dead in his hotel room in Mombasa Ruby Inn, on the morning of 18th November 1896 by a chambermaid, (anonymised). According to (anonymised), who was called to the scene by the hotel manager, (anonymised), Sir Arthur was killed while he was sitting by the desk. Someone attacked him from behind and smashed his skull using some hard object. A local police officer, (anonymised), determined that the victim was last seen alive around 8:30 PM the previous day by (anonymised), who was his future son-in-law.

The belongings of Sir Arthur were in disarray, which led (anonymised) to the conclusion that robbery could have been the motive, and after killing the explorer, the perpetrator ransacked the room. According to (anonymised) there were some valuable artefacts in the luggage belonging to Sir Arthur, which they both collected during their expedition to Mount Elgon.

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