The Ghost Squad 2005 detective show

The Ghost Squad 2005 detective story

The Ghost Squad (2005, United Kingdom)

PC Amy Harris, while on duty, gets tangled in situation, in which she could be prosecuted for murder of a suspect in police custody. While trying to find out who is behind it and who is trying to frame her she has to make some difficult decisions - between saving herself and saving people, who she trusted. The outcome is rather predictable, Amy is fired from force, but soon she is invited to a meeting with manager of some company selling glass. She knows nothing about glass, but it turns out to be just a cover story - she meets with high rank police officer, who is in charge of "ghost squads", units that investigate police officers suspected of criminal activities. With no better offers she agrees to be part of a ghost squad and work undercover to find evidence that would remove corrupted coppers from the force.

TV series that preceded Line of Duty, although it is based on similar concept - two police officers work as a team targeting potentially corrupted cops, while Amy works undercover, Pete is her backup in case something goes wrong. With good cast and interesting stories The Ghost Squad had potential to become a good TV series, but short lifespan (only 8 episodes) did not give much chance for the characters to be fully developed. Overall a good detective show, although it concentrated on completely different kind of crimes, those committed by police officers, not criminals.

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Creators of The Ghost Squad

Tom Grieves detective films


Cast of The Ghost Squad

Elaine Cassidy films

as DC Amy Harris

Emma Fielding films

as DSI Carole McKay

Jonas Armstrong films

as DS Pete Maitland

James Weber-Brown films

as DAC Robert Townsend

Lloyd Owen films

as DI Bryce

Sam Spruell films

as PC Will Surridge

Brendan Coyle films

as PS Ralph Allen

Jason Flemyng films

as DS Jimmy Franks

Adrian Lester films

as DI Gus Phillips

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