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Broadchurch 2013 detective story

Broadchurch (2013, United Kingdom)

DS Ellie Miller returns from her maternal leave only to learn that a body of a young boy was found on the beach in Broadchurch, small coastal town that she lives in for years. Not only that, but also the promotion she was promised before taking the leave, is now gone - more experienced detective was brought from outside to lead the investigation in potential murder. DI Alec Hardy, her new boss, does not make it easy to like him - stand-offish, snippy and avoiding any sort of socialising, he is the opposite of Ellie. Not only that, but also he has was moved here after his previous case, in Sandbrook, was a complete disaster, which leads Ellie to initially not fully trusting his judgement. To make things worse the dead boy found on the beach is a son of Ellie’s friends, Beth and Mark Latimer. This death shocked the whole town - in this close-knit community everyone knows everyone, the sudden realisation that there might be a killer among them leaves everybody guessing what happened the night Danny Latimer died.

One of the best British crime TV series with good cast and well developed characters. We see how a single death changes lives of members of a small community - from the family of dead boy, the police officers, the friends, the neighbours, people who knew him and people who a day earlier would not believe such crime was possible in their community. It is a mixture of drama, police investigation and standard "hidden secrets" storylines, which actually works perfectly in the first season - until the very last moment every possibility is open who the killer might have been.

Do you have what it takes to solve a case like this?

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Creators of Broadchurch

Chris Chibnall detective films


Cast of Broadchurch

David Tennant films

as DI Alec Hardy

Olivia Colman films

as DS Ellie Miller

Jodie Whittaker films

as Beth Latimer

Andrew Buchan films

as Mark Latimer

Matthew Gravelle films

as Joe Miller

Carolyn Pickles films

as Maggie Radcliffe

Jonathan Bailey films

as Oliver Stevens

Arthur Darvill films

as Reverend Paul Coates

Charlotte Beaumont films

as Chloe Latimer

Vicky McClure films

as Karen White

Pauline Quirke films

as Susan Wright

Joe Sims films

as Nigel Carter

David Bradley films

as Jack Marshall

Simone McAullay films

as Becca Fisher

Will Mellor films

as Steve Connelly

Trivia about Broadchurch

Identity of the killer

Creators of the Broadchurch have kept the identity of the killer a secret during the production to avoid any leaks to the media. They went as far as not telling the cast until the very last moment - David Tennant learned who the killer was while filming the scene. The only person, who was supposedly accidentally told the identity in advance was Olivia Colman, who played DC Ellie Miller.

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