The Interrogation 2012 detective radio show

The Interrogation 2012 detective story

The Interrogation (2012, United Kingdom)

Two police officers, veteran DS Max Matthews and young DS Sean Armitage, are partners working on various cases - sometimes murders, sometimes arson, sometimes something that on the first glance seems completely trivial. But don’t get fooled by their mild manners and usually calm approach to the suspect - they know their stuff. What sounds like a simple conversation with maybe a witness to the crime, usually leads to the discovery. Not always who killed, but often to the answer why.

BBC radio drama with title that explain pretty much everything, The Interrogation, is often what you would expect - two police officers and one suspect in a small room, having a conversation. But this conversation usually takes a surprising turn once the policemen reveal what they really know or what they suspect happened. They don’t threaten the suspect, they hardly ever loose their temper, no matter how serious the crime could be, but they know how to proceed to reach their goal.

The Interrogation is unusual show - it isn’t flashy, it is just a long conversation, it might seem a bit boring at some points, but at the end of each episode you will feel it was worth to discover the conclusion. Someone, who you would bet was just a witness, could become a prime suspect in a matter of seconds. Or that person could already be the prime suspect, but the way the narration follows sometimes seemingly side-plots keeps you wandering where all of this is going. And usually is it going towards a very interesting ending.

Can you solve a case like this?

Creators of The Interrogation

Roy Williams detective films


Cast of The Interrogation

Kenneth Cranham films

as DCI Max Matthews

Alex Lanipekun films

as DS Sean Armitage

Actress and musician Alicia Witt - new album

Alicia Witt new album
Actress and musician Alicia Witt - new album

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