The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries 1993 detective radio show

The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries 1993 detective story

The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries (1993, United Kingdom)

Christopher Marlowe, the Elizabethan playwright, by somee believed to be the true author of William Shakespeare’s plays, is recruited by Sir Francis Walsingham to serve his country as undercover agent or spy. Even though it seems far from his life as poet and playwright in Cambridge, he agrees. His first task is to find the answer to question why English navy is suffering losses even though their ships are moored in safe harbours. Marlowe uses his intellect to work out the answer to that, but also uses his servant, Ratbane, to blend into the environment of officers and sailors.

A four-episode short series written by Ged Parsons for BBC Radio, based around the intriguing character of Christopher Marlowe as a government agent. Even though it is based on true character, even though Marlowe is suspected of being an agent (or spy) it is fiction based around the stories that surround Marlowe, rather than facts. With original setting and unusual main character it looked like interesting offering, but even though the series were short the level of scripts was uneven and the last episode was on a verge of being ridiculous. It is original crime show, with hints of comedy, but nothing spectacular.

Episode 1 - The Curious Case of the Curs’d Quayside
The Elizabethan playwright is given job as government agent to find out why some English ships sunk while moored in the harbours.

Episode 2 - The Turbulent Tale of the Troubl’d Tragedy
Marlowe tries to find out why an unknown patron funded the worst play ever written.

Episode 3 - The Perplex’d Plot of the Perilous Plague
As plague ravages London Marlowe is on the case of a double-crossing.

Episode 4 - The Murky Mystery of Murder at St Mark’s
Marlowe heads back to Cambridge, where for unknown reasons college professors are dropping like flies.

Can you solve a mystery like this one?

Creators of The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries

Ged Parsons detective films


Cast of The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries

Dominic Jephcott films

as Christopher Marlowe

Bill Wallis films

as Ratsbane

Paul Brooke films

as Sir Francis Walsingham

Hugh Dennis films

as Dr Valentine

Lionel Jeffries films

as Trump

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