Jonathan Creek 1997 detective show

Jonathan Creek 1997 detective story

Jonathan Creek (1997, United Kingdom)

Jonathan Creek is a creative consultant for the illusionist Adam Klaus, which means that he is the brain behind every single trick that Klaus does on the stage and every single device that is used during the shows. Jonathan lives in a windmill outside of town and wears old-fashioned clothes, but his brain is full of ideas how to trick people. Until he accidentally stumbles upon a journalist, Maddie Magellan, who tries to solve a mysterious death of a man. This time Jonathan has to use his special skills not to create the illusion, but to solve the illusion that someone else had created. And that is the beginning of their cooperation - he helps Maddie solve seemingly unsolvable mysteries, from a classic locked room mysteries to cases of people who simply vanished into the thin air.

Jonathan Creek was an unusual TV series - it was a mixture of comedy, mystery, detective work and sometimes illusion. While Jonathan and Maddie were solving complicated cases there usually was underlying subplot that involved either Adam Klaus and his unusual ideas to reach the new audience for his shows or Jonathan and Maddie being best frenemies. The cases they were working on were challenging by any standard and at the same time entertaining.

With time Maddie was replaced by TV journalist Carla Borrego and the show went through its first shake-up, unfortunately none of those shake-ups actually improved the series. While Maddie was often annoying and she caused more chaos than she should, the further "sidekicks" were slightly worse and there was no chemistry between them and Jonathan, which caused an imbalance in the atmosphere of the show.

Further series only deepened the show problems, especially the last season, where Jonathan is a middle-aged man working 9 to 5 for a big company together with his wife. To make things worse the whole plot was limited to just the area they live in British countryside, which was the final nail into a coffin of a great show.

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Creators of Jonathan Creek

David Renwick detective films


Cast of Jonathan Creek

Alan Davies films

as Jonathan Creek

Caroline Quentin films

as Maddie Magellan

Stuart Milligan films

as Adam Klaus

Julia Sawalha films

as Carla Borrego

Geoffrey McGivern films

as Barry Opper

Adrian Edmondson films

as Brendan Baxter

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Jonathan Creek 1997 detective series online game

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