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New year, new interface, new structure

New year, new interface, new structure - online detective unsolved crime game

As you might have spotted, we have prepared an upgrade to the game and the interface - the main aim was to make it more accessible and easier to understand.

One of the main changes allows users to put an e-mail address as login, which previously was causing some problems. Another important change is the way the account is being activated - instead of a link sent to an e-mail address, we switched to sending a code that needs to be entered on the website. This small change should solve the problem some users had with messages ending up in a spam folder on not reaching the e-mail account at all. Also, the password reset option provides the user with a login reminder, which was also causing some problems. There were also smaller changes to the interface, like fixes to missing or misleading headers or data.

Another important change is the new structure of the game - each player is assigned a current skill level (represented by a badge), which will determine which cases are available to open. The aim of that change was to guide new users through easier cases before they will face the real challenging ones - every new user will have to solve the tutorial case before moving on to more complicated cases. There are 5 levels of skill, if you solve a single case from f.e. Level 2, you will gain access to all the cases on Level 3.

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Interface upgrade complete

Interface upgrade complete - online sleuth game

The last elements of the new version of interface were activated today: - the short cases gained elements that are slightly animated, to break the monotony of the casefiles, - each case you solve you can rate between 1 and 5 on the solution page, ...

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New short case

New short case - online detective game

A brand new short case is available now - Hollywood Seven, inspired by a 1976 song by the late and great Jon English. Written by Gloria Sklerov and Harry Lloyd, it tells a story of a young woman, who arrives in Hollywood, dreaming of becoming a movie...

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This really is disheartening

This really is disheartening - online detective unsolved crime game

This really is disheartening - some user sent his (or hers) first solution in the game, he (or she) put some effort into it, the solution was well written, it was 100% correct and... moments later, the account was shut down due to a simple fact that ...

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