River 2015 detective show

River 2015 detective story

River (2015, United Kingdom)

Detective John River and his partner Jackie Stevenson spot car that was used during a drive-by murder. After chasing suspect into residential building River sees him fall to his death. For any murder squad detective death is part of the job, but for River it is something more - he can see the dead people, even though he does not want to, and he can hear them talk. Dead people, like Jackie, who was shot dead two weeks earlier and whose killer River was just chasing. While he tries to uncover who shot Jackie he learns more and more about her life, the life he hardly knew. Forced by the superiors to use help of police psychologist River shows on the therapy sessions, but is far from being cooperative - whole his life he has hidden truth about himself, so why would he change now? Except for Jackie - she was able to move him from his safe zone - but now that Jackie is dead he realizes things he missed in the past.

Unusual approach to a detective show, with exception of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), in which one of the main characters is dead from the moment she first appears on the screen. With every piece of Jackie’s life we join the struggle of River to deal with the grief after his only friend and his struggle to find sense in his own life. He deals with the cases in hand, but the chase after person, who shot Jackie keeps him going and facing every day of his, now miserable, life. Although the creators do not see River as simply detective show it is a gritty look into the man in pain, who does not know how to deal with what he lost.

Do you have what it takes to solve a case like this?

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Creators of River

Abi Morgan detective films


Cast of River

Stellan Skarsgard films

as DI John River

Nicola Walker films

as DS Jackie Stevenson

Adeel Akhtar films

as DS Ira King

Georgina Rich films

as Rosa Fallows

Lesley Manville films

as DCI Chrissie Read

Sorcha Cusack films

as Bridie Stevenson

Owen Teale films

as Chief Superintendent McDonald

Turlough Convery films

as Frankie Stevenson

Eddie Marsan films

as Thomas Neill Cream

Michael Maloney films

as Tom Read

Jim Norton films

as Michael Bennigan

Josef Altin films

as Christopher Riley

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