Chiefs 1983 detective show

Chiefs 1983 detective story

Chiefs (1983, United States)

In 1924 in small town Delano in Georgia the council decides to hire a first full time police officer. Farmer Will Henry Lee becomes the chief of the police for the area, who will be in charge of keeping peace. While Lee is well respected person, he did not realized he steps into a different world. Sheriff Skeeter Willis, who is in charge of the county, offers him a crash course by punching him right in the stomach as a reminder that while Lee is wearing a badge he should expect everyone to be a potential threat. But soon Lee learns that there might be a real threat in the area when body of a young man is found near the lake. While the victim died due to fall the coroner had no doubts that the boy was for some time tortured before his death and he even suspects sexual motive. Chief Lee tries to deal with petty crimes in the area while looking out for any clues in the potential murder case. Soon after a second body is found...

Unusual crime miniseries based on a novel by Stuart Woods. While it is a crime story that starts in 1924, it concludes in 1962. In that period of time chiefs of the Delano Police come and go, but the serial killer in the area is still active and keeps avoiding being caught. But apart from the main story there are subplots that tell more about the reality of early 20th century in Georgia, where law enforcement was existing alongside deeper problems within society, like racism and its extreme form, the Ku Klux Klan. This series is not the greatest in history by any means, it is rather slow, the story lacks what would keep modern audience invested, but with cast full of well established actors (Charlton Heston, Paul Sorvino, Danny Glover, John Goodman, Keith Carradine) and with unique approach to a crime story it is worth to take a look.

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Creators of Chiefs

Jerry London detective films


Stuart Woods detective films


Robert Lenski detective films


Cast of Chiefs

Charlton Heston films

as Hugh Holmes

Keith Carradine films

as Foxy Funderburke

Wayne Rogers films

as Will Henry Lee

Brad Davis films

as Sonny Butts

Billy Dee Williams films

as Tyler Watts

Paul Sorvino films

as Sheriff Skeeter Willis

Stephen Collins films

as Billy Lee

Danny Glover films

as Marshall Peters

Tess Harper films

as Carrie Lee

Victoria Tennant films

as Trish Lee

Lane Smith films

as Hoss Spence

John Goodman films

as Tub Murray

Chiefs quotes

Tyler Watts:
[while Skeeter removing him from cell] Where are you taking me?
Sheriff Skeeter Willis:
I’m not taking you anywhere... You are in the process of escaping.

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