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Thrilling Stories of the Railway 2014 review

Thrilling Stories of the Railway (2014, United Kingdom)

Character of Thorpe Hazell was created by Victor Lorenzo Whitechurch, a Church of England clergyman, who’s life passion was writing. Among his books were also religious novels, but he was most remembered for his detective stories and even spy short stories.

Thorpe Hazell was vegetarian and railways enthusiast, which directed his interest in the cases that involved trains. He was well known for his technical knowledge about them and his detective instinct helped him solve some mind-blowing mysteries. One of his cases was the heist of valuable painting that were transported aboard the train, which does not seem too complicated, but since not only the paintings were stolen, but whole car in which they were transported this puts a different light on the case. To make thing even more complicated the car was not at the end of the train, but in the middle - while rest of the train arrived to the destination the car with paintings simple disappeared.

The detective stories about Thorpe Hazell were published in 1912 as Thrilling Stories of the Railway and in 2014 BBC adapted five of them for the radio with Benedict Cumberbatch reading them. Although the non-obvious approach was taken by the author the stories today are not as exciting as they were back then. The stories were short, the radio versions are about 10 minutes long, which does not give a lot of time to develop complex plot or deep characters. Nevertheless they still are quite fun to listen even if you are not a train buff.

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