Citizen X 1995 detective movie

Citizen X 1995 detective story

Citizen X (1995, United States)

A discovery of human body in the middle of the field starts a tough night for Viktor Burakov, local police officer and forensic specialist. He demands the area around the body to be thoroughly searched immediately. His subordinates are not happy about it, but they find will be the beginning of a long and dark investigation for all of them. Burakov soon faces not one, but seven bodies found buried in that field, in different stage of decomposition. The initial report leaves very little space for speculations - Burakov is 100% certain they are facing a serial killer, who most likely operates in that area for years. However this does not mean much, Burakov’s superior, Colonel Fetisov, would prefer him to move into different direction with his investigation. After all, the serial killers are the fruit of rotting Western culture, there are no such criminals in Soviet Union. Since he has no other option than follow his orders, Burakov starts to arrest the usual suspects: career criminals, wife-beaters, homosexuals, political enemies of the society. But despite their seeming successes the bodies are still piling up and his superior still do not accept his serial killer theory.

The true story of police officer, who was put in charge of the first serial killer investigation in Soviet Union. The case of Andrei Chikatilo shocked not only Soviet Union, but also impressed the investigators around the world. The movie uses a

Can you solve a case like this?

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Creators of Citizen X

Chris Gerolmo detective films


Chris Gerolmo detective films


Robert Cullen detective films


Cast of Citizen X

Stephen Rea films

as Lt. Viktor Burakov

Donald Sutherland films

as Col. Mikhail Fetisov

Max von Sydow films

as Dr. Alexandr Bukhanovsky

Jeffrey DeMunn films

as Andrei Chikatilo

Radu Amzulescu films

as Federenko

Imelda Staunton films

as Mrs. Burakova

Joss Ackland films

as Bondarchuk

John Wood films

as Gorbunov

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