Anxious People 2021 detective show

Anxious People 2021

Anxious People (2021, Sweden)

Original title: Folk med ångest

Two local policemen, father Jack and son Jim, are alarmed that there is bank robbery happening just around the corner. They chase to robber until he disappears in one of the buildings. It turns out that it was an open house, where potential buyers where checking one of the flats. When he realizes they now face a hostage situation he calls for backup, SWAT team from Stockholm. While waiting arrival of the "professionals" Jim and Jack try to establish contact with the hostages and receive request of few pizzas. When unit form Stockholm finally arrives they storm the flat and release 8 hostages, but there is no sign of the bank robber. Now the policemen have to interrogate hostages to find out which one of them might actually be the robber.

Swedish miniseries on surface similar to Inside Man movie, however, as usual, Swedes approached the motif in completely different way. With only eight hostages it seems hard for robber to hide among them, but somehow he manages to avoid being caught. Or is he? Anxious People is not usual story and the case solution is unusual, which makes it interesting thing to watch.

Can you solve a mystery like this one?

Creators of Anxious People

Felix Herngren films

Felix Herngren


Fredrik Backman films

Fredrik Backman


Cast of Anxious People

Alfred Svensson films

Alfred Svensson

as Jack

Dan Ekborg films

Dan Ekborg

as Jim

Anna Granath films

Anna Granath

as Zarah

Leif Andree films

Leif Andree

as Roger

Marika Lagercrantz films

Marika Lagercrantz

as Anna-Lena

Lottie Ejebrant films

Lottie Ejebrant

as Estelle

Per Andersson films

Per Andersson

as Lennart

Elina Du Rietz films

Elina Du Rietz

as Linda

Sascha Zacharias films

Sascha Zacharias

as Liv

Petrina Solange films

Petrina Solange

as Ro

Carla Sehn films

Carla Sehn

as Julia

Anxious People 2021 detective movie inspired game

Anxious People 2021 detective movie inspired game

Anxious People 2021 detective movie game like

Anxious People 2021 detective movie inspired game