The Lone Detective - how to create a solution

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Online cold case file game - how to create a solution

The Lone Detective is a game, in which we tell you the first half of a crime novel (the body was found, the evidence on the crime scene were gathered, the witnesses were questioned) and you, as a detective, tell us how the second half of the story you think looked like.

  • every case has a logical, coherent story behind it,
  • every case has a logical, coherent solution,
  • every case has a logical, coherent motive behind it,
  • there are always evidence that can guide user to the solution, but they might be given in a way that will require some effort to understand their importance,


Although there are 3 slots to list the culprits, place there only those, who were involved in murder, not those, who were in some way involved (like planning, hiring someone, instigating some events, etc). Remember that your evidence need to support every culprit's involvement in the murder (proving that they were there, proving they had the motive and opportunity).


Every case has a logical motive behind the crime, there are no "he went crazy and killed random people without any reason" cases. When putting down motive try to explain it, f.e. do not put just "revenge", explain revenge for what. Do not put "money", we all need money, explain why the culprit needed money at this particular moment, why he killed that particular person to get them.

How crime was committed

Common misconception is that in this part you should put technical description of the act, f.e. "he was stabbed using knife". In most cases, the technical description is given in coroner's report, that's why we changed the header to "describe events that took place when the crime was committed". What we are looking for is an explanation of how the killer get to the crime scene, what happened then, how he got inside, how he left without being caught in the act.


Just like in case of the motive, we are looking for explanation, not a list of keywords, f.e. do not put just "knife". There is more than one knife in the world, which one do you mean? What is so important about that knife? What does that knife prove? Do not put "suspicious phone call", explain which phone call, why was is suspicious, how does it support your solution.

Free Online Detective Game

I just wanna know the answer

The mystery is interesting only as long as it remains a mystery. That's why putting "I just wanna know the answer" or "if that's not correct, then give me the answer" in your solution is not gonna work. All we can offer are clues and guidance towards solution if you are close to solving the case.

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