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Coroner's report


22-05-1992 09:15



body description

(anonymised), male, 48, height 191 cm (6 ft 4 in), medium built. Two shot wounds in the back, there are no visible exit wounds, which suggests that the bullets are still inside the body. No signs of burns or powder residue, which suggests that the shots were fired from a distance above 1 meter. No other external signs of trauma.

The first bullet hit the victim’s left 5th rib, damaged his heart and lost momentum while hitting the sternum. The second bullet got through the right lung and was stopped on the right 5th rib. The first shot was the one that caused death due to loss of blood. Both bullets were slightly damaged while hitting the ribs, but are still in good condition for further analysis.

Apart from gunshot wounds, internal organs are intact, liver slightly enlarged, no signs of other trauma. Blood analysis did not detect anything unusual, no signs of alcohol or medications. Stomach contents suggest that the victim ate the last meal at least 4 hours before death.

The victim died shortly after being shot. Estimated time of death is around 22:30 on 21st May 1992.

marks and wounds
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