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Crime scene report


22-05-1992 00:15



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crime scene report
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(anonymised) is an office-only commercial building renting office space to different companies. There is the main entrance from the front leading to the street and the side entrance from the car park. The building consists of ground floor and 4 stories, 11 offices on each floor. Also on each floor there are toilets accessible from the staircase leading to the car park and next to the lift there are maintenance rooms.

Both entrances have staircases reaching to the top floor, but the one leading towards the car park is separated from corridors by the doors on each floor. There is an elevator near the front entrance that reaches to the top floor.

Crime scene is on the 4th floor, number 412, close to the side entrance staircase. Offices 412 consist of a front office and two private offices in the back. During the day two employees work in the front office, secretary (anonymised) and accountant (anonymised), between 9 AM and 5 PM there is always someone there. The two private offices are used by the co-owners, (anonymised) and (anonymised).