Tell No One 2001 detective book

Tell No One 2001

Tell No One (2001, United States)

Doctor David Beck takes a trip to the lake resort together with his wife, Elizabeth. They are celebrating their anniversary, but during the night they are attacked by unknown assailants - David is heavily wounded, while his wife is abducted. While her body was never found, David had to face reality that Elizabeth is dead. Eight years later, David still can’t get over his wife’s death, but an e-mail from anonymous author, which will change his life. While two bodies were uncovered near the lake where Elizabeth was abducted, on the video from CCTV he sees his wife alive and well. He starts the investigation on his own and reveals some disturbing information about his wife’s past that he clearly did not know about.

Great mystery book by Harlan Coben - one of those that you just can’t stop reading until you get to the end. Great setting, well written, with enough twists to make you wonder if all of it make any sense. This style became later a hallmark for Harlan Coben - many of his later books had similar setting and similar style, where people discover information about their loved ones that, as it turns out, they did not really know. The book was later adapted into a movie, but while the French production is a decent crime movie, it can hardly compete with the original book.

Do you have what it takes to solve a case like this?

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