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New case, new rules

New case, new rules - detective puzzle game

A brand new case arrived, A Single Shot, which is a short case, something new in The Lone Detective. Short cases are... well, short. They only contain short summary of the case, list of suspects with short description and handful of evidence to guide you. This means you can get through the whole case content within few minutes.

But even though there are less materials to dig into the basic rules remain the same - check the evidence, and provide full solution: indicate a culprit or culprits, describe what you think has happened and show which evidence prove your theory.

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Interface upgrade complete

Interface upgrade complete - online detective unsolved crime game

The last elements of the new version of interface were activated today: - the short cases gained elements that are slightly animated, to break the monotony of the casefiles, - each case you solve you can rate between 1 and 5 on the solution page, ...

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New short case

New short case - online cold case files game

A brand new short case is available now - Hollywood Seven, inspired by a 1976 song by the late and great Jon English. Written by Gloria Sklerov and Harry Lloyd, it tells a story of a young woman, who arrives in Hollywood, dreaming of becoming a movie...

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This really is disheartening

This really is disheartening - online detective game

This really is disheartening - some user sent his (or hers) first solution in the game, he (or she) put some effort into it, the solution was well written, it was 100% correct and... moments later, the account was shut down due to a simple fact that ...

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