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New case, new rules

New case, new rules - online crime mystery game

A brand new case arrived, A Single Shot, which is a short case, something new in The Lone Detective. Short cases are... well, short. They only contain short summary of the case, list of suspects with short description and handful of evidence to guide you. This means you can get through the whole case content within few minutes.

But even though there are less materials to dig into the basic rules remain the same - check the evidence, and provide full solution: indicate a culprit or culprits, describe what you think has happened and show which evidence prove your theory.

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A new case with the twist

A new case with the twist - online sleuth game

New case is available, but this one is slightly different from previous one. No, still someone dies, still there are few suspects, but this time you get help solving the case. Big help, because case #14, The Lens of the Beholder, is a tutorial case. ...

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New case, number 13, unlucky for some

New case, number 13, unlucky for some - online unsolved cold cases game

A new short case just landed, number 13, hopefully not unlucky. This time we take a look at a suspicious death of a Japanese game designer, whose life took a sudden nose-dive (pan not intended) when he fell out of the window. Just like in other case...

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Meet Bob. Or Mark. Or Steve.

Meet Bob. Or Mark. Or Steve. - online sleuth free game

We do not know much about him, we are not really sure what his name is, but The Lone Detective just gained an informer that you can use in all of the available cases. How does it work? When you are stuck and have no idea what to do, you can visit ...

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