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Interface rework

The game interface was reworked to make it more accessible:
- more contrast on the text content,
- more spaces between lines,
- better organization of menu elements,
- button sizes corrected,
- button shape unified,
- cases were given their "title screens".

Also the mobile experience was improved:
- bigger and more visible buttons,
- input areas to fit better within screen,
- proportions of elements to fit better with smaller screens.

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Interface rework finished

Last bit of new The Lone Detective interface rework is available now, the notebook that is available through small button in bottom right corner of your screen. What is so great about it? It is available on every page within your case file (except...

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Problems with account activation

Yesterday there were problems with account activation and some users did not get the activation links or were unable to activate account. The reason behind it (an overzealous programmer) was severely punished (no biscuits for two days!) and the activ...

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Small bug fix

Small bug fix was introduced, which in some circumstances might have caused solution not to be properly processed and delivered to Game Master. If you sent the solution and did not get the answer within 24 hours it might mean your solution was not pr...

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