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Interface rework

Interface rework - online unsolved cold cases game

The game interface was reworked to make it more accessible:
- more contrast on the text content,
- more spaces between lines,
- better organization of menu elements,
- button sizes corrected,
- button shape unified,
- cases were given their "title screens".

Also the mobile experience was improved:
- bigger and more visible buttons,
- input areas to fit better within screen,
- proportions of elements to fit better with smaller screens.

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Meet Bob. Or Mark. Or Steve.

Meet Bob. Or Mark. Or Steve. - online detective cold case game

We do not know much about him, we are not really sure what his name is, but The Lone Detective just gained an informer that you can use in all of the available cases. How does it work? When you are stuck and have no idea what to do, you can visit ...

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Strings Attached - new case

Strings Attached - new case - online CSI game

Brand new cold case is now available - Strings Attached - set in 1968 in United Kingdom, where musician in a rock band on the way to the top is found dead in the swimming pool. Just a handful of suspects, but to make things more complicated the post-...

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A brand new case

A brand new case - online sleuth game

A brand new case, this time an open case and including two new features (archives and laboratory), was just added to the game. A Very Cold Case takes place in 1975, on a secluded island in the middle of the Northern Atlantic, a place where you wouldn...

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